Does Size Matter to Women? Yes!

Does Your Manhood Meet the Mark?

Men are just as insecure about their bodies as women are. Just like many women dream of having bigger breasts to be more sexually attractive, most men equally fear that their favorite feature is coming up short in the size department.

But does size actually matter to women? The general consensus is yes, women care about your penis size, but chances are she'll never say it to your face (well, maybe during a nasty breakup).

Regardless, the signs should be pretty clear if the lady (or ladies, you stud, you) in your life aren't satisfied with what you're packing downstairs. If your girlfriend seems turned off while you're turned on 90% of the time, and isn't as excited as you'd like her to be when she's having sex with you, then chances are you've got yourself a little problem downstairs.

So you want to stop your girl from counting ceiling tiles while you're getting it on, huh? Well the answer is simple: your penis needs to be packing impressive length and girth, and you need to know how to rock it. And no, the under 6-inch average just won't cut it for most women. DHD takes it to the streets to give you the inside scoop on what women really want.

We at Daily Health Digest polled 200 lovely ladies on their ideal size preference, both in the width and length department. And just as everything that goes up must come down, erections can be too big or too small to pleasure a woman. So what does Goldilocks' picture perfect penis look like? The results are in:

women's penis size preference

So now that you actually know what she wants (and what you obviously don't have if you're still reading this), its now time to whip out the penis pumps! Oh, you already tried that? Then I guess you already figured out that those stupid pumps don't work. Hopefully you haven't run off and gotten penis enlargement surgery already, because that painful snip not only fails to make you any bigger, but it also kills your penis' perkiness, eliminating your ability to lift hand towels with your member (and other amazing erectile feats).

Well good sir, in the search for seven inches, things are looking pretty bleak so far, eh? Lucky for you, we searched long and hard (no pun intended) and finally found something that will actually help your penis grow! Allow us to introduce you to the Holy Grail of male enhancement products - Xanogen, an enlargement pill so potent and powerful, it makes smiling Bob jealous.

Now that you know what you need, its time to learn how to get your hands on it. Xanogen is currently available online through a free trial promotion. That's right, FREE. Well, except for shipping, but that's the internet for you.

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Read Responses For: "Does Size Matter to Women? Yes!"

Anonymous says:

So Xanogen works on length and girth? That's awesome!

Antoine says:

Dude, I'm not posting a picture of my dick on the internet. But don't sweat it bro, this works. For serious.

Don Juan says:

I just ordered mine last week. Don't mean to sound gay or anything, but does anyone have before and after pictures of their cock from taking Xanogen?

Anonymous says:

I love online bargains!

Anonymous says:

I've been using Xanogen for two years. Its like a Viagra that also grows your dick. @Derek, I gained about an inch in girth around, and it really does make a hell of a difference to women.

Derek says:

I'm pretty OK with my length, but I think my girlfriend's unhappy with how thin it is. Can Xanogen make it thicker?

Anonymous says:

OUCH, girls. Guess I better order my Xanogen now. Wouldn't want to disappoint the ladies....

Sandy says:

OMG, Rebecca, that's so true, lol! Some women love big dicks just as much as some guys love big tits. But no woman likes a tiny, skinny little pencil dick you can't even feel.

Anonymous says:

Sad but true. You read all over the magazines that size doesn't really matter to women, but if that was true, all my exes wouldn't have left me for dudes with bigger dicks, huh?

Rebecca says:

@Michael, sorry honey, but your girlfriend is lying to you. Girls wont tell a guy their dick is small to be nice, just like how a (nice) guy won't tell you how that dress really does makes you look fat even if your bulging out all over the place. And that whole tip of the vagina being the only part that feels anything is bull. My boyfriend has a thick, 8" dick and I love, love, LOVE feeling it stretch me from the inside, from the base all the way to the tip.

Michael says:

Well, the average is only like 5 inches, and women can only feel pleasure on the tip of their vaginas, right?

Anonymous says:

You're not kidding when you say its not just the motion of the ocean. My girlfriend and I have been going steady for about 3 years now, but she never really got into the sex, you know? And it really bothered me because I know she's a sexual person, so I started thinking maybe it was me... anyway, I found out about Xanogen on some other site and started taking it. Its only been 3 weeks but it has freaking changed everything! My girlfriend is literally all up on my dick now dude. We've been having sex almost twice a day since I started taking Xanogen.

Trust me guys, its totally worth every penny. ;)

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