Acai Berry and Nutrition

Nutritional Health Benefits of the Acai Fruit

South American native tribes have been using the nutritional acai plant for generations thanks to this prized red-colored fruit's nutrient-rich berries.

Only recently did acai berries begin to be sold on the market as a dietary supplement to assist people with their health. Expectedly, the popularity of acai health supplements soared across the country.

Now you can get the acai plant's nutrients from juices, smoothies, yogurts, and drink powders, or may opt for an easy to take acai tablet. One of the most popular tablets on the market is Acai Balance, an herbal blend of acai, pomegranate and other antioxidants.

The Nutritional Acai Berry

Acai is an amazing fruit that Amazonian tribes have been using for years. Yet the nutritious Acai is rather new to the American market. The berry is found throughout rain forests in Brazil, Panama, French Guyana and Trinidad. The Brazilian native population refers to the acai plants "the Tree of Life". This is because acai is naturally rich in toxin-fighting antioxidants, amino acids, fatty acids, protein, fiber, in addition to a wide array of vitamins and minerals.

There is a long list of what makes the acai berry so special. The benefits of the nutritious acai berry help boost a person's energy levels. The acai berry strengthens your immune system and helps with healthy weight loss. Besides improving circulation, it adds a clean shine to skin and nails. The fruit's nutrients assist in regulating cholesterol levels as well. Not bad for a nutritious berry that grows from the ground.

Compared to raw milk from a cow, the acai berry's nutrition value is equal to:

  • 3 Times More lipids
  • 118 Times More Iron
  • 4 Times More Energy
  • 8 Times More Vitamin C
  • 9 Times More Vitamin B1
  • Half as Much Phosphorus
  • 7 Times More Carbohydrates
  • Equal Amount of Protein and Calcium

Acai as a Dietary Supplement

Many South American cultures consider the acai bush to be a delicacy. The nutritional bush has several commercial uses other than its fruit. Acai leaves are used to make hats, mats, baskets, brooms and pest-resistant wood for homes. Acai seeds are used to fertilize plants and feed livestock.

Consumers can purchase the acai's nutrients in the form of tablets, juice, smoothies, yogurt, instant drink powders, and as a whole fruit. In recent years, the acai fruit has been bought and sold as a dietary supplement.

Working long hours and coming home to a full house, who has time to watch their nutrition? Who wants to get up at 5 a.m. just to go jogging? Fortunately there's an easy way to give your body the vitamins and minerals it needs.

Recently named the #1 Super Food, Acai Balance is packed with the nutritious fruit. Consuming Acai Balance increases men and women's energy levels, greatly improving their overall health. In no time, the powerful Acai Balance stimulates the metabolism and starts burning body fat. The powerful nutritional food makes a difference that people can see and feel.

In a matter of weeks, the acid berry and other antioxidants, fat burners and nutrients found in Acai Balance will burn away excess weight and cleanse your body. Try Acai Balance now and you'll see the extra pounds rapidly disappear. Acai Balance proves satisfaction.

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Anonymous says:

Great post!

Jolene says:

I can't wait for my order to come in the mail. My sister's been using this, and she looks great!

Beth says:

I don't have the time or energy to go running on a regular basis. So I started talking Acai Balance. Now I feel totally fit, even if I'm stuck in front of a computer every day.

Anonymous says:

I love Acai Balance!

Sandy says:

I guess that explains the acai craze.

Laura says:

The fact that acai berry has more nutrition for the body than raw milk is pretty cool. Now they just need to come out with acai deserts. Yum!

#1 Mom says:

@Beth So true! Being a mom of three keeps me too busy to go to the gym or run anywhere except after my kids!! It's been less than a month, and I already see a huge difference from Acai Balance. It makes weight loss so easy!

Rebecca says:

I love natural foods and berries from around the world. Its a great way to spice up your diet and learn about other cultures!

Anonymous says:

Nothing burns off fat better then a healthy diet and some sweaty cardio.

Sandy says:

Free trials are so great! I love trying out new stuff like this online.

Anonymous says:

I'm waiting for my bottle to come in the mail. I've got a spare tire I'm just itching to get rid of - might as well get healthy while I do it, right?

Philly Dreamer says:

I never believed in dietary supplements. But a friend convinced me to try Acai Balance. It's true, I really did lose weight, and I feel healthier than ever.

Susanna says:

I recently went for a manicure and a pedicure. The lady doing my nails remarked how they shined. I know now that my whole body looks better because of Acai Balance.

Joey says:

Since I was kid, I was trying desperately to get a six pack. No matter how much I worked out and how little I ate, nothing ever worked. I hear acai can really help you build lean muscle, so I just ordered a bottle to try it for myself, since its free anyway. I can't wait!

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